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Possibly the most important thing I learned from Sandman is that you don't have to stay anywhere forever. You can just walk away from it all.

After I walked away from a community that was making me miserable last year, I waffled on what to do with my other journal on LJ. I didn't delete or defriend anyone aside from a couple people that no longer updated, but I didn't update either, and only posted to a couple of communities where I felt comfortable doing so. But I'd still see posts from people I never wanted to talk to again when I checked for updates on my flist. Finally tonight I deleted the thing, bookmarking places I still want to check in on, and I'll join up some places if/when I make a new one over there.

It feels good. It feels free.

In other news, I haven't progressed further in Vagrant Story, played some Legend of Mana for a while, tried to replay the .hack//GU games but stalled (may return to it, dunno) partway through vol. 2 because of sudden reading binge. Tore through some Discworld, Queen's Thief, Circle of Magic, Hunger Games, and am still going strong. Still reviewing Sandman for Mark Reads, am nearly finished with Brief Lives. Somehow, writing down all my many thoughts and feelings on it is making me less prepared for what's to come. How the hell does that even work? Need to squeeze in The Tempest somewhere, as prep for the final issue.
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Things I've been doing lately:

- Playing Vagrant Story for the past few days. Slowly. I am not very good at it yet.

- I WAS playing Grandia emulated because my controller started working again, and then mysteriously quit on me two days later. Le sigh. So I got both it and VS for PSP, and decided to start VS because I could not face restarting Grandia so soon and redoing the first few dungeons.

- Quit reviewing Buffy/Angel for Mark Does Stuff. Too much comment drama meant I couldn't even WATCH the shows without feeling unpleasant or stressed, which became all the more obvious when I put on an Avatar episode and felt all this relief and bittersweet nostalgia pour in. Those were the days on that site. CAN'T WAIT FOR KORRA!

- Stockpiling Sandman reviews for same site. EEEEEEE. It didn't take long to get my brain into Sandman Mode, which is my brain's happy place.

- Watching Miyazaki movies. Got two left to watch, and barring any huge surprises, I've pretty much locked in my top three of his films as Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Spirited Away. In no real order.

Haven't been doing enough reading, and want to get back to giffing. ALSO A MILLION THINGS TO WATCH.
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Fresh start! It's fun, but daunting. I'll have to find new comms and whatnot. Ah well, I needed it. I'll keep my LJ around to check in on some places that just aren't over here, but for now I'm going to settle in and poke around. Should be fun. Maybe I can start posting my gifs here, do some fic stuff.

I've been playing FFVI again, what a blast that game is (still want a perfect bestiary, though that'll be a pain to get - ugh, the Dragon's Den! Sometimes I hate being a completionist about weird things). Also really tempted to finally get FFIX on my PSP. I love that game, and I didn't manage to finish a playthrough last year because I got so sick of dealing with the disc read errors. This would eliminate that AND make it portable! Which is one of the best things ever, I love portability. It'd be fun to curl up in bed and play one of my other favorite FF games...


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