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Things I've been doing lately:

- Playing Vagrant Story for the past few days. Slowly. I am not very good at it yet.

- I WAS playing Grandia emulated because my controller started working again, and then mysteriously quit on me two days later. Le sigh. So I got both it and VS for PSP, and decided to start VS because I could not face restarting Grandia so soon and redoing the first few dungeons.

- Quit reviewing Buffy/Angel for Mark Does Stuff. Too much comment drama meant I couldn't even WATCH the shows without feeling unpleasant or stressed, which became all the more obvious when I put on an Avatar episode and felt all this relief and bittersweet nostalgia pour in. Those were the days on that site. CAN'T WAIT FOR KORRA!

- Stockpiling Sandman reviews for same site. EEEEEEE. It didn't take long to get my brain into Sandman Mode, which is my brain's happy place.

- Watching Miyazaki movies. Got two left to watch, and barring any huge surprises, I've pretty much locked in my top three of his films as Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Spirited Away. In no real order.

Haven't been doing enough reading, and want to get back to giffing. ALSO A MILLION THINGS TO WATCH.
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KORRA~! I share your eager anticipation!

Spirited Away is probably my favorite Miyazaki film, but I find it hard for any one of them to remain at the top of the list for long. They all make me so happy.
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SO EXCITED. I was all set to wait until 2014 or something, but no! Here it comes. \o/

And Miyazaki does joy so very, very well. All these films have beautiful and wildly imaginative imagery, strong female characters, and this totally uninhibited portrayal of happiness. I cannot watch them and feel sad!