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arctic_hare ([personal profile] arctic_hare) wrote2011-12-23 05:18 pm
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Fresh start! It's fun, but daunting. I'll have to find new comms and whatnot. Ah well, I needed it. I'll keep my LJ around to check in on some places that just aren't over here, but for now I'm going to settle in and poke around. Should be fun. Maybe I can start posting my gifs here, do some fic stuff.

I've been playing FFVI again, what a blast that game is (still want a perfect bestiary, though that'll be a pain to get - ugh, the Dragon's Den! Sometimes I hate being a completionist about weird things). Also really tempted to finally get FFIX on my PSP. I love that game, and I didn't manage to finish a playthrough last year because I got so sick of dealing with the disc read errors. This would eliminate that AND make it portable! Which is one of the best things ever, I love portability. It'd be fun to curl up in bed and play one of my other favorite FF games...